Breanna has recently moved to the Clarksville area from Evansville, Indiana.  She and her husband operate a outreach ministry called Love Outreach Ministries to serve to the many needs of the “at risk” members of our community. Their vision is to “Remember the Forgotten”.

  Breanna has used her B.S. degree in Early Childhood Education for the last seven years as a faithful, effective pre-k teacher. It has been said that Breanna is a great communicator and dynamic speaker.  Now she is ready to take on the challenge of administration and use those skills even more!  Her former leaders have said, “Breanna can take a vision and make it come to life!”  Already Breanna has proven herself worthy of the title. We are grateful to add her to our administrative team!

Assistant Director


Ms. Daisy, has lived in Clarksville with her children since 2015. She enjoys being involved in her church, singing, reading, writing and dancing. Shasta has worked with children and their families for 25 years and finds most rewarding “being a part of the children’s critical learning stages of life and seeing the growth right before my eyes.” Ms. Daisy believes it’s very important to give each child a place of love and security when in her presence. We are so proud to have her join the TLC team!

4-Year Old Lead

Maya Barrett

Mrs. Maya has come to us all the way from
Michigan. She and her husband have lived in
Clarksville for almost 3 years and they love being
here in Tennessee. Maya has worked in the Early
Childhood field for eight years and is currently
pursuing a degree in Social Work. She believes if
her personality was a color it would be yellow.
Maya is a dancer and a writer. She has written a
book titled the Changing Room, which is available on Amazon. “I love Jesus more than anything and he will be shown in the room and in my actions.”
We are very grateful to have Maya as a lead

3-Year Old Lead


Faith Dorminy is originally from Nashville, TN. Although she is a Tennessee native, she grew up in Japan and California while traveling with her parents, as her step-father served in the navy. In 1998 she settled from traveling and moved back to Nashville. She is a mother to one son and three daughters, and she also has two granddaughters. Faith loves animals and has three big dogs. In her spare time she enjoys being with
family, reading and knitting. She also invests in her creative abilities as she has fun making jewelry, lotions and soaps. Ms. Faith has been an early childhood teacher for 8 years and is looking forward to expanding in her career and getting to know those of the TLC family. We are very grateful and excited to have Faith join our teaching team!else!

2-Year Old Lead


Samantha comes to us from Louisiana. She and her husband chose to move to Clarksville to be closer to his family.  Samantha comes from a big family herself, with three sisters and a twin brother! She loves to cook in her free time and play with their two dogs.  Samantha has earned an Associates Degree but also is planning to use her spare time continuing her education as she works toward a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Education.  Samantha is recognized for how willing she is to step in and help when needed. Her colleagues not only see how well she works with young children but also with fellow teachers. She’s a real team player! We are so happy to add Samantha to our teaching team!

Morning Pre-K


Infant Lead

Teara Goins

Teara Goins comes to us from Columbia, South Carolina. She is the third oldest out of four girls, one of them being her identical twin sister. Teara and her army man Harrison have been living in Clarksville since June 2019. Together they have two beautiful children, Skyler and Kendrick. She has a Bachelors of Art in Business Leadership and will soon be going back to school for her Masters. Hobbies she enjoys are cleaning, painting, crafting, dancing and working out. “What keeps me going is believing there is nothing you can’t do. If you think you failed yourself, give it another try and promise yourself you will come out on top.” Teara’s favorite quote to live by is, “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking”. -Albert Einstein-Tylertown is glad to have Teara as our Infant Classroom lead teacher!

Office Manager

Joanna Leatherman

Joanna grew up in Ohio and received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from The Ohio State University.  She is married to her husband, Dale, and has two grown children.  Joanna has lived in various places around the country and settled in Clarksville in July 2019 due to a job change for her husband.  She has a passion and a heart for reaching those in her community for Christ.  Joanna has extensive experience in working in administrative roles, with her most recent position being one where she contributed to the administrative side of the Head Start/Early Head Start Programs in the northeast  Arkansas.  Joanna enjoys entertaining, baking, taking walks, and Buckeye football!  We are so fortunate to add Joanna to our administrative team!

Creeper Lead


Toddler Lead

Wendy Swoboda

Wendy Swoboda is originally from California and moved to Clarksville to live closer to family. She’s been married to her husband for 27 years and has homeschooled all three of their children. For 12 years in Northern California she served in church ministry as a director for Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed and as a co-director for the program Truth and Training Girls. She also enjoyed serving during vacation bible school as the lead teacher for tiny tots. Wendy developed a love for teaching preschoolers in 2009 as an assistant teacher and decided she wanted to pursue education in Early Childhood. Mrs. Wendy plans to obtain a TECTA certificate and earn an Associate of Early Childhood Education. We are all excited to see how the Lord will use her at Tylertown Learning Center!

Kitchen Manager

Myreilys cabrera

Myreilys is originally from Puerto Rico. She moved 32 years ago to live in the United States. Myreilys came to Clarksville in 2009 with her three children to be closer to her mother. Ms. Cabrera’s desire is to ensure the wellbeing of all children. She wants to extend her education to earn a degree in Social Work. Myreilys enjoys hiking, kayaking, and journaling while reading the Bible. She also likes to ride around the city while bonding with her children. As the kitchen manager, she appreciates hearing children’s compliments of how they love her cooking. She lets her favorite scripture be her daily motivating force: “The Lord will fight for you; you need only to be sill.” (Exodus 14:14) We are all inspired by Myreilys!