Play Outside!

“We can create extraordinary places for young children to discover themselves and the world around them. We can create places for children that tickle the imagination and surprise the senses.

Rusty Keeler, Natural Playscapes

At Tylertown Learning Center, we want to provide for our children beautiful spaces for pure play! We embrace the new movement of natural playscapes for our outside extended play. At TLC, we won’t have a playground made of metal and plastic, but rather it will be composed of grass, wood,  rocks, sand, and water!

Group of cute kids sitting together in forest and looking at camera. Cute children playing in woods.

In the coming months , we will be reaching out to families who want to take ownership of our own Rusty Keeler original playscape design by volunteering to help with the installing of this enchanting playscape!  We want to invite our whole community to involve themselves on every level of this process. For more information about what a natural playscape encompasses, check out Rusty Keeler’s website @